Saturday, 2 August 2008

Rights and Wrongs etc

As Climate campers prepare to get their collars felt in an effort to prevent an infinitely greater crime, the Police are sandwiched between the carbon age and an age of new realism. Many of them, no doubt, are as worried as working people anywhere -or at least as worried as their knowledge and individual attention spans allow. I wonder- will they be deployed with such fervour and over-timed expense when it is the likes of E-on who are in breach of the law. Or will the old order be maintained, regardless of the cost?
I suppose we'll know whether we're actually serious about tackling this once the answer to that is clear

Evidence of the 6 degrees of separation theory is being collected. It occurs to me that maybe these small efforts of mine could easily be spread to everybody everywhere in no time at all. I have 6 readers. The rest should be child's play.

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