Sunday, 3 August 2008

A chance well worth taking

The odds are so poor that the bookies won't touch it and the Insurance companies are running for the hills. This is usually a sign that the chance isn't worth taking. In our risk society we are all familiar with what this scenario means. The best information points to caution, ie - not being gormless reckless fucks with our common wealth. It's simple enough. Yet some - usually the scientifically illiterate with the TV viewing habits of poorly adjusted 14 year olds - insist that the cost (of being arsed to take action) far outweighs the benefits (of still having a planet to inhabit.) They believe that nothing should be done to forestall ireversible chaos untill ireversible chaos arrives at our door and announces itself like a Hollywood biblical epic. These people would, presumably, drive vehicles that every respectable mechanic has written off as deathtraps, use gas appliances certified as lethal and ingest medicines declared illegally toxic by the medical community. These people are dangerous. Don't let them drive. Don't let them babysit. Don't put them on Juries. Don't let them vote.
This is not a call to abandon research or to silence dissent. I love a bit of dissent, me - it's my default position. In fact it pains me to find myself entering the mainstream in this matter. But what can you do. Eggs is eggs, and there's no point in pretending they're not.

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