Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Cantankerous Frank meets the Chocolate Fireguard

We live in interesting times - both the best and worst of times. Across the more adventurous media there are tantalising glimpses of what needs to be done and the new technologies available to accomplish these things. It all starts to look promising and then the Caucasus goes up in a ball of flame and shrapnel because the same old bastards blah blah bloody bollocking blah. Oh well. That's humans for ya. Like the Yugoslavian conflicts, this jabs harder at the Eurocentric heart, as the victims look like Mrs Crump from the Bingo or that bloke from the Off-License - and not people from impossibly far away with strange and tortured histories.
Common purpose, eh? There's nothing like it!

Leslie Berliant's fine Celsias article focuses attention nicely

Suggestions for the exact contents of Frank's list would be welcomed. It might be interesting.I say that in the certain knowledge that no bugger will reply.

Oh - and Bollocks to the Olympics!


Stuart Jeffery said...

1. Vote Green
2. Write to all your elected representatives and tell them exactly what you think.
3. Stop flying
4. Show leadership and minimise your carbon footprint
5. Buy local
6. Switch to a real renewable supplier for electricity
7. Insulate your home as much as possible
8. Talk to everyone about the issue
9. Talk to more people about the issue
10. Join an organisation that is talking about solutions
11. Participate in that organisation
12. Write to your local papers
13. Eat less meat
14. Turn your thermostat down 1 degree and get others to do the same
15. Walk or cycle to work
16. Start a community group to find practical measures and ideas to reduce carbon, e.g. transition towns
17. Talk to everyone a bit more
18. Challenge people on their behaviour
19. Write to politicians
20. Vote Green

oh and...

consume less, share more and enjoy life.


Cheers Stuart