Sunday, 28 January 2007

perfect female

January 28, 2007 09:04 PM

Friday, 26 January 2007

Thursday, 25 January 2007

a great honour


Internal domestic security

LABRATS LABRATS LABRATS LABRATS LABRATS. Thanks to Prof Bob Honey for the nod on copraphagic hooded Listers; there's mileage in there, to be sure. Some escapes may be necessary.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007



Climate chaos again

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Never mind the bullocks

Heres an excerpt from the C and C booklet. complete thing available on request.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007


The above is Part one of the UNFCC comic. Slow going. More on request. Covers Rio to Kyoto and beyond, theoretically, and is due for the IPCC report in Feb.

The day the earth stood still

The full strip has been posted Februuary 26

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

as responsible anarchists should

I've been popping the odd one of these off every now and then in the hope that at some point I'll get around to networking into some sort of well.... network. Pardon my lack of savvy. These are the Labrats. They will receive their full due at some future date when tech problems are overcome by folks more competent than I - at which point hundreds will be unleashed.. In the meantime feel free to use them. Unless of course you are a grasping materialist bastard, in which case you can piss off and buy some bloody Garfield. It is more likely, however that you cannot find the blog at all as it does not feature on any blog search results as yet. Perhaps if I labour the point edlessly. THROBGOBLINS THROBGOBLINS THROBGOBLINS THROBGOBLINS THROBGOBLINS THROBGOBLINS THROBGOBLINS etcetera. Bloody silly choice of name. Don't know what possessed me! Anyway These are radical cartoons for you to download and to use as any responsible anarchist should. More anon.


not a student of history