Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Anthropocene (again)

A slightly amended re-up inspired by the ongoing jogging-on-the-spot that is denialism.
It nudges me into a Dawkinsesque apoplexy, which I am trying very hard to find amusing. Whatever happened to prudent caution in the face of danger?

'We are all best impressed by evidence of the type with which we are most familiar' - (Charles Richter)

On an unconnected and rambling aside - I think the reassuring, patronising coddling that we are subjected to by the great pandering toad that is the advertising industry is the peddler of most of the disinformation passing as evidence. It soothes us with palliative madness which passes under our collective radar to persuade us of our general and specific innocence. It is the pimp that steals the possibility of virtue. It says that it cannot be us. It must be ......(insert the time-wasting, diversionary bollocks of your choice).

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