Sunday, 24 August 2008

Assisted Migration?

Some people have suggested giving the polar bear a helping hand by shipping it to the other end of the planet in an attempt to stave off extinction. I'm not sure the penguins would appreciate that. It's part of a wider assisted migration notion that seems to be a large scale re-arrangement of biological deck-chairs whilst the Titanic steams full speed ahead into the multiplying ice-bergs.
This illustration was for an article by Emma Marris and belongs to Nature reports Climate Change and should not be published without their permission. The one below was a standby which was not used in the end.

Throbgoblins International have just got back from a brief visit to Shambala, where we were supposed to help present a cartoon workshop (with Polyp and Kate Evans) at the excellent Rebel Soul Cafe. Throbgoblins were obliged to back out and have since put our collective back out, courtesy of a poorly packed rucksack and the luggage rack on the 12.25 from Market Harborough.

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