Friday, 19 September 2008

Where has all the imaginary money GONE?

Ern is misquoting the Anti-Growth Fetishist Clive Hamilton

They deregulated everything they could get their hands on and used numbers plucked from the air to pump lusts and fictions into every aspect of a globalised world economy. They did away with society and promised us big houses and big bucks and the moon on a stick. They called everybody who questioned their rationale communists, terrorist sympathisers or fools. They made collectivists feel like shit and psychopaths feel like kings. They wouldn't buy my cartoons. They took control of everything and dominated global politics for a generation. "NO BIG GOVERNMENT" was their battle cry (oh how we laughed!)
Can we perhaps do some tinkering now please.

Maybe our tendency, as a species, to seek a dominant (usually male) individual to take all the risks and act as a fulcrum that determines everyone's status extends to our devotion to creed. We seem to throw our lot in entirely with ideologies that have almost no sense in them at all beyond the narrow boundaries of the class or caste that created them. This One God bollocks hasn't helped. I mean -really? One? That's just asking for trouble.

I wonder if we're ready for democracy yet? You know the gig - everybody engaged and on top of their game as active citizens instead of cow-eyed, shopaholic tossers desperate for (please God) just ONE MORE year of (perpetual, star-crazed, lazy arsed, wank-wracked) adolescence.

Obviously, just because the financial elite are now shown to be as incompetent and corrupt as any other elite anywhere, ever, it doesn't mean the revolution is just around the corner, or that capitalism is about to throw in the towel. It's dug in too deep in our collective psyche. But let's surf the irony to a slightly better place, shall we`?

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