Sunday, 7 September 2008


I don't know how sound the science is on this, but a German lecturer has gathered evidence to support the oft made case that it is a pollution of electro-smog made up of the various wavelengths of our everyday electronic chatter that is behind colony collapse disorder and the tribulations of migrating birds. Not foxes, you say? Well - Zorro appears in his capacity as convenor of the Revolutionary Wldlife Alliance, and has the full backing of conference (although apparrently the wasps abstained)

Meanwhile the UN finally cuts to the chase and talks about behaviour modification (ie - cut back on the meat) and the Germans begin burying CO2 with the first fully working Carbon Capture and Storage system. Thank God nothing EVER goes wrong with human technology and there are NEVER any unexpected consequences over the long term and Geologists/seismologists are so famously accurate at predicting earthquakes and other tectonic inconveniences. It'll all work out fine.

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Old 4 Young said...

I was recently observed that cows face magnetic north. Having Zorro the fox confused by electromagnetic radiation isn’t so far fetched.,0,3764260.story

Humankind has domesticated bovine animals for how long now? But, it’s only in now that anyone bothered to notice such a phenomenon. Sure, human’s recognize patterns, but only when they are want to see them.