Monday, 1 September 2008

Bad Science

James Lovelock warns that we may have no option but to let the great cull roll over us, because we're far too stupid and venal to change ..... whilst journalistic opinion is split on the good judgement of letting a bunch of Kwik-Fit cowboys loose on the engine of life.
Fortunately we have an educated, culturally sophisticated and scientifically literate media that is deeply committed to covering every aspect of this great debate down to the most minute detail - so we'll all be kept up to date.

On an entirely irrelevant subject...

Throbgoblins International accidentally channel-hopped into about two of the endless minutes of cruelty and cloning that make up the UK X-factor. Two minutes seemed to cover pretty much everything it has to offer, and it duly nudged us further towards the Lovelockian stance. We may start the cull ourselves.
Maybe we dropped in on a bad two minutes - a peculiar and unrepresentatively horrific parade of hypnotised, clockwork fashion-parrots spewing identi-kit memorexed whines at some souless money-grubbing prick. Maybe the rest of it was brilliant. Maybe if we'd stuck with it we would have become joyously uplifted by the desperate hope of these cut-and-paste wannabes. We might have become deeply involved in their quest to transcend the ghastly ordinariness that we poor fame-starved nobodies must endure. We might have picked and championed one to become a star, a diva, a God, a flashing comet of wonderfulness blinding the long tail of us piddling working mortals in his/her fabulous wake . But a thousand bollocks to that. It's an awful, fuck-witted arse-wipe of a programme, and a perfect example of the brain deadened, idolotrous toddlerism that's fucking everything up.
A pox on it.
Now where's my guitar...

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