Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Fictitious Economy

Introducing Mrs Ebola Congleton - promoted beyond her capabilities into a pivotal role near you, today.

The meltdown continues. As the faithful wonder how all this could possibly have happened, the rest of us wonder how it lasted this long. "I told you so" is such an ugly phrase. The deluded continue to argue amongst themselves about the price of defending capitalism and the cost of a Damien Hirst. Suddenly FDR is everywhere and we're all supposed to pretend that the entire business and financial elite haven't totally f*cked up.

Guillemots are killing each other's chicks as fish stocks collapse (Aaah - they're almost human, you know);The UK gov't tries to wheedle out of its responsibilities on emissions reduction;while the broadcasters concentrate on the US, Cuba and Haiti are devastated by hurricanes caused by the habits of their wealthy neighbour.

It seems the value of money is inextricably tied up in the subjectivity of the rich. As the wealthy flee the field the financial institutions go tits-up, leaving the poor to pick up the bill. As they keep telling us - it's all about business confidence. What a wonderful foundation for a global civilisation. How stable. How secure.

There'll be a lot of arguing over shifting numbers before the realisation hits that's it's actually the principles that have been miscalculated.

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