Sunday, 9 November 2008

Status Quo

We are being warned of the threat posed by eco-terrorists, including - so it seems - the Kingsnorth climate campers. In an obvious attempt to head off the idea that direct action is legitimate - as was lawfully upheld in the case of the Kingsnorth six - the "security" forces seek to frighten would-be activists with the accusation of terrorism. This looks like the worst kind of cold war nonsense. I remember the tabloid stories about Spetznatz commandos at the Greenham Common Peace camp, which gave us all a good laugh and may even have fooled the odd half-mad ex-colonel or knuckle dragging flag-waver. This seems pure politics of the 40 minute WMD variety. I wonder where they actually draw the line that separates the extremist from the good compliant citizen. Only following orders, guv!

What might they make of the wild extremism of the Manchester Climate Fortnightly? It's out today. See for yourself. Be careful. You might make a difference.
Also out is the inaugural New Earth Rising from EI.

Meanwhile...we are offered nuclear sheds and genetically modified bees as General Motors threatens to go tits-up and we kill some mockingbirds

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