Saturday, 1 November 2008

Foreign Relations?

Shameless interference in the democratic electoral process of a nation to which I do not belong.

Alright, alright, I know. A politician is still a politician and there will be no revolution in the conduct of international affairs with an Obama Presidency. I receive variously tangential or plainly unhinged interventions in my in-box emphasising this obvious point and advocating a split in the democratic vote in the name of abstract political perfection. This is madness to me. The idea of a McCain victory is unthinkable to the vast majority of the planet, and would bring the deepest shame upon America and Americans. It's not a matter of dreaming of Camelot, it's a matter of holding off idiocy and oblivion.
I refused to believe, at the time, that significant numbers would vote for GWB and was thus taken by surprise by the naiivety of both the American electorate and myself when the mad little prick took office (with the emphasis on the took).
Surely it couldn't happen again?

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