Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Closing the Revolving Door?

President-elect Obama is to curb the influence of professional lobbyists in an effort to close the revolving door and clean up on Capitol Hill. It all sounds very Jimmy Stewart. Good Luck. It may seem mad to say so, but the oil industry's long ascendancy is clearly waning as its influence over the US fades and its epitaph is prepared. It'll be a long, slow going, though. Pity we left it so late.
Thanks to Craig Mackintosh for pointing this out to me

The Onion has this to say

Throbgoblins International salutes Miss Joan Pick. Frank may be sending her flowers.

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Anonymous said...

time already to do a new cartoon re: lobbying. as he will on everything, sidestep, backstep, deny. sort of a waltz of power you might say.