Friday, 7 November 2008

Crap Crunch

The plastics recycling industry is suffering from the economic downturn as a reduction in consumption reduces demand and depresses prices. Thus we are asked to defeat ourselves in order to save ourselves. We even eat ourselves ironically.

A lack of political will is blamed for lack of progress on the green tech front - a state of affairs to be addressed by Barack Obama and to be exploited by the contemptible BP (whose name of BRITISH Petroleum is entirely coincidental)

Hill Farmers have created some of my favourite landscapes, and are now facing the extinction that so many other ways of life have suffered. I'm not sure how well these particular arguments stack up - as they seem a little jumbled up with passing economics and self interest (isn't everything?). I'd appreciate any light anyone might be able to shed on this.

Here's some more nicely turned sobriety from the New Internationalist, after the drunkenness of the ascendency

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