Saturday, 15 November 2008

Crawling from the wreckage

Why pick on the SWP, you may ask. They are, after all, a reliable source of placards for all your protesting needs. They have pounced readily upon many a trussed and helpless crisis and munched on it to sustain their righteousness. Personally I prefer a little more substance, which I appreciate may sound hollow coming from a cartoonist. Imagine what all that energy could build if it didn't define itself purely in opposition to.......whoops, there I go again...

Right down to the level of insects and parasites the planet's ecology is crashing - undermining the whole network of interdependence upon which we at the apex entirely rely.
Maybe a little less random insecticide will be a start.

Meanwhile the big dogs of the caring (and energy) professions take ever bigger bites out of the nation's one good leg.
(This is also true at all levels of the NHS, which is an organisation infected with an ugly careerism of the "don't know, don't care" variety.)

Here's a repost to celebrate Chuckles's 60th birthday the other day


Sarah Irving said...

But surely this is an insult to spiders?!


I apologise unreservedly to any spiders who were offended by my thoughtless and wholly un-called-for remarks.