Wednesday, 2 July 2008

"Seeing off" the weak and vulnerable"

The FT is a fine source of news as it doesn't bother to glaze the true motives of the elite with a layer of pretence. It says it like it sees it - with all the venality and contempt intact. The story of a massive transnational drug company "seeing off" attempts by a generic manufacturer to produce a cheaper version of a schizophrenia drug is written as a victory against the barbarians (allow me a little poetic license.)
For the already safe and comfortable to gloat over an industry gouging ever greater amounts out of overstretched public health services - (particularly a branch over which drugs interests wield a totally disproportionate influence ) is depressingly telling.
The recently released footage of an elderly immigrant woman dying in a waiting room in an american mental health facility provides a chilling counterpoint to this stockholder banditry.
I happen to work amongst these blunt instruments, drug rep beanos and discarded lives and am of the opinion that Capitalist fundamentalism is not the panacea for these ills.,Authorised=false.html?

and another thing...
The belated national "debate" surrounding our "choice" between life and lifestyle often has the traditional characteristics of British public life. ie - clout out-muscles wisdom 9 times out of ten. But,,, we may be seeing a sea-change in that, a recent poll illustrates.
Be of good cheer.

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