Friday, 25 July 2008

On an arctic roll

To steal a phrase from the FTs John Thornhill - the World's emotional cycle is swinging from greed to fear. This doesn't seem to change as much as one might imagine. We still have a war not only on terror, but on discomfort, embarrassment and inconvenience - and it looks like common sense will remain a prominent casualty.

For Mancunians, the Info below is not only pertinent, but urgent;

The Three Billion Quid Question: The Transport
Innovation Fund's climate change implications to be
debated in public

On Thursday 31st July, a three billion quid question
will be posed. At a public debate, organised by
Manchester Climate Forum(1), panellists from the
Momentum Group, United City, Clean Air Now, Campaign
for Free Public Transport and the GMPTA will discuss
the Transport Innovation Fund and the need to drive
down carbon dioxide emissions from transport.

Each panellist will outline their response to the
statement "given the reality of climate change, and
the need to cut emissions from all sectors- including
transport- the TIF bid is a sensible way forward."
before being quizzed by the moderator. Members of the
public will then have ample opportunity to
cross-examine the panellists.

The panellists are Toby Sproll, (director of United
City), Dave Coleman (Clean Air Now), Roy Wilkes
(Campaign for Free Public Transport), Councillor
Andrew Fender, (member of the Greater Manchester
Passenger Transport Authority, but speaking in a
personal capacity) and a representative of the
Momentum Group

Marc Hudson, convenor of Manchester Climate Forum,
said "Feelings are running very high on the TIF bid
and the congestion charge component. This is a great
chance for people to look at the question from a
broader perspective."

The meeting is free, and open to all. It will run from
7.30pm to 9.20pm at the Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount
St., Manchester.

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Arwa said...

anyone intersted in the debate that followed can see my blog which sums up the meeting