Sunday, 27 July 2008

Empire of the nuclear sun

The above toon could just as easily have targetted E-on or any other large energy provider whose practices are effectively dismissive of environmental responsibility in favour of Big Business as usual. But...

Whist the argument - about who is allowed what and who is to be trusted and when are we all going to die - continues to dominate coverage of the Iranian Nuclear Power industry, the French state nuclear power company is poised to buy out the UK state nuclear power company (what's left of it) in a deal that will cost the UK taxpayers billions for ever and a day . This is without any credible guarantees of secure storage and treatment of waste in the quantities now being envisaged and the time scales being projected. What sort of question is this nonsense the answer to? The massive price hikes just announced will calm investors' jitters about this course of action.

I much prefer the Saharan solar array idea - especially if it helps finance the EU/AU green wall plan. Lightly pepper that with some local microgeneration and add a large dollop of permaculture and you're laughing.

In local news the collected Manchester councils have opted to grant a referendum on the congestion charge which is the cornerstone of the transport initiative that could be the making of Manchester in the 21st century. So now the school-runners and the single-occupancy commuters and the would-be-Clarksons and other assorted unfortunates get a real democratic chance to scuttle their own children's futures. I fear they will take this chance only too readily. This churlishness on my part might sound anti-democratic, but that's only because it is. The debate will be dominated by large and expensive poster campaigns from those with the cash to flash. I'm afraid my faith in the considered reasonableness of my fellow man has been dented by lengthy service in the NHS.
But you never know.

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