Saturday, 26 July 2008

Only Planet

Not today's news, particularly, but a pointer towards my ONLY PLANET strip that will be appearing in the unutterably excellent NEW INTERNATIONALIST starting in October. I am profoundly chuffed about this and deeply grateful.
The strip follows Gort and Klaatu's emergency inter-galactic health and safety intervention on the endangered planet Earth - a comic tradition that promises to be fun (for me, at least)- So everybody rush out and renew your subscriptions, because Frank knows where you all live.

In the meantime - go and check out the NewInt website

As you may see, the mystical art of hyperlinking has at last been revealed to me - by the web gurus of LaughingRobot, who will be building my new site, courtesy of a generous grant from Artists Project Earth

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Melanie Rimmer said...

Congratulations on the New Internationalist gig and the new website. I always knew you were going places - great art, great characters, great gags and insightful up-to-the-moment comment. Move over Doonesbury, here comes Marc Roberts!