Friday, 17 April 2009

When Fixes Need Fixing?

Grist provides these two links to reports of pending agricultural collapse in the Punjab due to (profit driven?) over-exploitation of resources.

The Huffington Post posts this , by Lise van Susteran, on Moral Obligation

Fred Pearce on consuming vs population. Did I post this already?)

I just saw this - Ian Tomlinson's death at the G20 demonstrations now being treated as possible manslaughter

The most terrifying video you will ever see?


susan said...

Re solar in California today, once again note taken of unintended consequences. Widely reported AP item, chose rightie Fox:,4670,WaterforSolar,00.html

Our public teevee did a good program with Planet Forward. I don't think the "scary" video will be understood or accepted (if they are willing to view it) by the entrenched opposition to the whole constellation of history and science, so I lean to the more entertaining (despite mild aging problems with hiphop etc.)
and stolen from one Bill Patzert:
"Take Aim at Climate Change"

If you wish to waste some time, "Next Choler, Please" is entertaining about vitriol in blog comments (skimmed in service of wasting my own time).


Thanks, Susan. Loved the simplicity of the frog one.

Personally I have difficulty with literal message songs. They always seem very clunky to me. I was sent one the other day that was very classical and very skilled musically but just set my teeth on edge with its absence of poetry.

susan said...

yup, coals to newcastle, good point