Saturday, 4 April 2009

LabRats again

I'm posting these old things again because a) I'm rather fond of them and b) newcomers to the site may not have found them in the bowels of Blogspace and will thus have missed out on a rib-tickling, poop-based treat for all the family. Indulge me -The Labrats reside in a dark corner of Prof Boffin's lab at the Doc Fiendish Institute for Advanced Techno-Magic, and I like to let them out when I can.

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susan said...

Thanks again for the great stuff. The Helms article was startlingly straightforward, though not exactly news (you'd think people would get it, but the denial machine is very skillful). Loved the labrats.

But on spending, I tend to feel we have no choice. We can either go bankrupt now by propping things up or take a long shot on fixing things which costs more. It may not work but the former will definitely not work.

OTOH, it may be different in the US from elsewhere. Can't blame y'all for blaming us for the f***up.

Still pinning my hopes on Obama doing a massive adult education effort as soon as he has time. How many angels fit on the head of a pin? Yikes.