Thursday, 16 April 2009

Any Questions?

Nuclear sites are posited and arguments are made and consumption of electricity continues to expand, replacing one problem with another

Carbon trading and carbon offsets turn out to be less than the panaceas they were sold as. I for one am deeply shocked.

Two takes on coral evidence of rapid sea level rise

When you can't trust Auntie, you have to look further afield


susan said...

Thanks again for all the homework. Seems I've been being naive about planting trees - surprise surprise! But when does lazy naivete shade over into hypocrisy?

One does not wish to be a (not so) dear little dimwit, but on the other hand, what's to do. Can't give up ... can't give up ... can't give uuuuuuuu.........


Nothing naive about planting trees of course. Gotta keep planting the buggers. Never give up. It's the doing it for money that'll be the end of us, don't you think? It's what we do for nothing that'll save us, if anything.
My own not so shaded hypocrisies lurk accusingly in the corner, muttering something about fast food and a desertified back yard.