Monday, 27 April 2009

Divine Interventions

The old sunspot chestnut raises its head again, threatening to give comfort to the denialists and maybe temporarily mask some of the unpleasantness so it can all crash down on us at once.

We at Throbgoblins International all trooped off to our local independent cinema yesterday, to watch "In the loop" and duly laughed our collective teeth loose. I mention this because the Westminster Prince of Darkness has set up a rival energy and climate power-base to scupper environmental legislation on behalf of business, in a manner befitting an Ianucci satire.


susan said...

Oh, the wondrous breadth of your imagination! Yet another great way to picture those idiots!

I may have previously mentioned using nuclear to get at oil shale, or even have seen it from you first, but if not, two sources: local and Earthjustice:

Scarey monsters!


I wasn't aware of that. That is a truly scary combination.

Adam Hardy said...

I can't find anything which substantiates this article from recent information on the net.

It's just recycled old fish and chip paper from last year that's been discredited.

Some sort of crap game of giving you a little hope (boy could we use an extra ten years) and then snatching it away again.

satellite360 said...

We might all get lucky and find that Gaia theory extends beyond the confines of our planet to encompass the solar system. In which case this lull in solar activity is the cosmos putting right what we are doing so well at breaking.

OK ... maybe not then.