Monday, 7 May 2007

The Invisible Hand of the Market

Why are large companies not responsive to environmental concerns? Because f*cking the planet up falls outside of direct producer/consumer transactions and is thus external to the pricing mechanism. We are all, collectively, spinning on the index finger of the "invisible hand of the market" - a fact that we British are now reminded of everytime we handle a new £20 note -etched as it is with the dour likeness of Adam Smith. With what savage irony will we look back at that decorative/commemorative choice?
Green economist Michael Jacobs talks of an "Invisible Elbow" knocking over all and sundry as an inadvertant side-effect of market capitalism. This inexorably suggests to me the existence of "one off the Invisible wrist", the "invisible forearm smash!" a "flexing of invisible muscle", and an "invisible cold shoulder" before even reaching the neck. I shall dispense with the invisible body politick and move straight onto the "invisible boot up the arse!" I expect you saw that coming.

I realised after I'd drawn this that the "two-fingered salute" gestural rendition of a hearty "f*** off" is a peculiarly British variant, and may not travel well. It originated of course as a defiant insult directed at the French. Throbgoblins International have always had a certain admiration for the French, but are somewhat dissappointed with them at the moment.

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