Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Biochar arguments are batted about, technofixes bite the dust and market stalwarts call for state intervention in the energy markets to ensure renewables targets are met.

Meanwhile, borders go missing in Europe


susan said...

Looking for a shortcut and don't deserve an answer. Do you happen to know whether biochar is evil or good (or neither, or not proven)?

Thanks for my hometown across the pond link on water the new oil.


"know" would obviously be putting it a bit strongly- but my answer would probably be "all of the above". The danger seems to be in the rush to roll out an unproven process in inappropriate soils, environments etc for the promise of profit and credits, and the predictable hacking back of forests and subsequent loss of biodiversity. Almuth Ernsting and Rachel Smolker at BioFuelWatch prepared this briefing:-

which puts the downside case. The industry has plenty of its own advocates.
No magic bullets. Too much magical thinking. Charcoal has its place, obviously, in the sustainable permaculture we need to be building.
I appreciate that I always run the risk of over-simplifying in a short cartoon.
I struggled a bit with this one.
Bets wishes, Susan, and thanks for your continued support

susan said...

Thanks, your humor and talent provide a bright spot in a difficult world. I see good people trying to bend the world to their will, and wonder where they live. Magical thinking is a favorite target of mine. God made in our image and claimed to be the reverse and all that. Some democrats are busy scuttling the environment in new Obama budget ("optional", god help us). Hope our PBS "Extreme Ice" makes it across the pond.