Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Holiday on Ice

Bits crack off and bits fade away until the doo-doo is as deep as a philosopher's nightmare. Ho hum.


susan said...

This is way off topic and too much US politics, but a hoot nonetheless (Limbaugh is making it easy for Dems):



We're all enjoying the ongoing circus of UK politicians crawling up the backside of US politicians. It's Blair/Brown burrowing competition.

susan said...

Well, one of my (Massachusetts) legislators is (Sir (sic)) Edward "Teddy" Kennedy! Not a bad thing, despite his awful NIMBY on Cape Cod wind project, he's been a bulwark against the worst of the worst for decades. It was a little hard to understand how Blair could stand Bush, but I finally decided they prayed together! (actually, Massachusetts is well served by its representatives in general; once upon a time we had a bumper sticker: Nixon 49, America 1 (and does that date me!). Limbaugh and What Me Worry Jindal are a gift.