Sunday, 22 March 2009

Comic Strip Violence

No cartoon today.
I went for a long walk in the hills with friends today (which was blustery and exhilerating, despite my left knee protesting loudly for the last 5 miles) and came back to peruse the comments on Andy Revkin's DotEarth blog on the New York Times website - wherein he was kind enough to link to my Bang Bang You're Dead cartoon. I appreciate the exposure and his kind words. But I was surprised by the amount of vitriol coming my way in the comments stream. Apparently some people object to cartoon violence. As you can imagine, I was dumbfounded by this revelation and naturally whipped myself mercilessly before falling to the floor in a horrified swoon.
What can I say? I cannot undo the evil I have done, but henceforth Frank will employ only the medium of fluffy bunnies to make his points. We wouldn't want to upset anyone, would we? Or... maybe I could conduct a poll to find out what acts are appropriate to depict in a cartoon. Your participation would be appreciated

Should Frank primarily rely upon:

a) fluffy bunnies?
b) kids saying the funniest things?
c) hilarious misunderstandings?
d) embarrassing visits from clergy?
e) golf related accidents?
f) knob gags?

I'll do some urgent rummaging through old Gambols annuals to see how it should be done. I'm sorry. I'm a very bad man.

Or, on the other hand- fuck 'em (in a deeply caring and consensual fashion) if they can't take a joke.


gaiasdaughter said...

Maybe you should bring back the Smurfs.

Captain Swing said...

I just made the mistake of checking out the comments to see what got them so riled up, those people really do need to get out more! I was particularly amused by the redneck who was complaining about liberals being violent and aggressive- no sense of irony some people.

susan said...

Hi, wish I was on England's green hills now myself. Left you a note on DotEarth (will be after #37). For the unchoir the less obscene and red ones are more likely to reach people. You have a point; we routinely watch torture and mayhem on TV and nobody complains; your stuff is mild by comparison. Please don't change! The fart and scales one you reupped recently was amazingly succinct but subject to the above.

Captain Swing, we Americans have been protected by the ocean for too long! We think we rule the earth. I considered emigrating, but enjoy my selfishness too much. DotEarth is mild. It's the politics and money, mindjew, nasty and devious.

I think Andy enjoys a lively argument; certainly it ups readership.


Sometimes they just turn out red, or aflow with bodily fluids. That's just the way it goes. I am but the midwife of puerile forces beyond my control.

My fellow N.I. cartoonist Polyp warned me against engaging in public wrangles about my cartoons. Once they leave home my job is done.

Here's to lively argument!

susan said...

I wish my puerile forces were as creative as yours. Excelsior!

Rachel in California said...

Perhaps it all comes down to which fluids one thinks are humorous: water, blood, piss, pus, or ink.