Friday, 20 March 2009

Bang bang, you're dead.

Frank is a cartoon character. Shooting people is wrong. Of course Frank would never actually DO anything like this. It's probably just a dream. We'll all wake up soon.

The great ice sheets may not be set to completely collapse overnight, but the processes being set in motion today will make that collapse unstoppable.

With our current "democratic" processes falling short, and road traffic increasing 25% in just 15 years, it looks like we're grabbing the shit end of the stick with both hands

Thanks to Andrew C Revkin and Susan Anderson for this


susan said...

Aw shucks! I was hoping you'd make a play with blood, time, and ice melt. Great resources in the text, as always. Andy Revkin's been under siege on his articles and choice of coverage.

susan said...

Did you change the comment in the final frame or was I in such a hurry to comment I missed it!? We're in the soup over at DotEarth. That said, I do have trouble with those reds when you use 'em.

People seem to miss the point that what they are doing is much more violent than your comment.


I did change the last panel. It was pointed out to me that the strip needed to be both clearer and funnier if I was to get away with the violence. So I tightened it up a bit and took out the Kyoto reference , which probably confused the issue.