Monday, 2 March 2009

Summer of Rage

Whilst the US goes to Washington to protest Dirty Coal, senior UK police officers set up a self fulfilling prophecy by predicting mass outbreaks of middle class wickedness in reaction to recession/depression etc.


susan said...

Just in case you thought there was sanity on this side of the Pond, check this out (footnote, a former top DotEarth denialist, Patrick Henry, was affiliated with the freeper (Free Republic) organization:

On another note, these "eco" barons (!):

Please feel free to ignore this question, but I'd love to know how you came up with Frank, whose attitude lightens up this difficult problem.


There's never any shortage of nutters is there. I wonder if any totalitarian regimes have ever had to shut up shop unexpectedly because they just couldn't find enough murderous torturing nutters to fill crucial positions. I doubt it somehow.

Frank sprung into being to meet my misanthropic need to rant self righteously at the gormless without risking personal injury. Frank's indifference to the approval of others makes him a wonderfully blunt instrument with which to bludgeon homo sapiens.

susan said...

Forgot to ask: Are these available in printed form as a bunch for sale anywhere?


Alas no. I have thus far failed to interest any publishing houses, and lack the funds myself. Hopefully one day.