Saturday, 14 November 2009

A Piece of cake?

Looking forward to a caring, sharing Copenhagen? Here's a little metaphorical background.


Greg Robie said...

John Perkins' _Confessions of An Economic Hitman_ lays out a narrative concerning the policy tools that make the 2nd scenario our historical choice; the basis of our crumbling BAU (business as usual).

Considering what the climate modeling science says can be on the menu, and, factoring in the trends in that science (as it adjusts to the unexpectedly early arrivals of expected climate change symptoms), and, given what is "on the table" (less than a month before Copenhagen—or more in line with the metaphor of this cartoon—what is in the kitchen: the scientifically inadequate ACES/CEJAP legislation), isn't the referenced dessert more of a last supper; a pious effort by a bankrupt economic model to feel close to its God/Greed as justice unfolds, and more BAU for the poor.

. . . And shouldn't the fat guy be an obese Lady Liberty (after all, our unsustainable environmental, social, and economic obesity is what we have squandered our liberty for?

. . . And then the thin guy would be a whimp of a hen-pecked partner who always serves and never eats; a slave? Though I have to admit, being able to project my greedy feelings onto both characters does make this cartoon's framing work better than such an alternative. I do feel poor relative to the true elite.

. . . But then the alternative would allow the whip to have a brother named Ishmael who died 9/11 and, resurrected, due to the power of justice, is repeatedly/religiously laying down his life . . . for greater love hath no man . . .


Cheers Greg. I very much like your slide show at

Very succinct.