Thursday, 26 November 2009


Well here it is at last - Gort and Klaatu's Climate Slamdown. It was commissioned by New Internationalsit magazine and I thank them hugely for doing so. It is, of course, the ultimate guide to the all-in wrestling mayhem due at Copenhagen in December, also available at the New Internationalist website, (soon on) the Climate Slamdown site and all good newsagents.
Please link to it , post it and distribute it as widely as your resources allow. Comments welcome, as usual - even though few folk take me up on that.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your site through NYT. My god, where have you been all my life? I hadn't laughed out loud at depictions in a cartoon for such a long time.

Sir, I salute your ingenuity. Seven thumbs up!

edward said...

A heart-breaking work of staggering genius! Seriously...this is a wonderful creative synopsis of the very real shenanigans going on in the negotiations. Beautifully done. THANK YOU!

Raúl en Transición said...

Great job!!!
How do you get this information from the future?
Are you ALIEN-Friend?
I would like it will be in spanish to send to all my friends.


Thanks very much. Please spread it around - I need all the help I can get

BLiP said...

"He's up against the combined forces of corporate lobbies and the media in this match, Klaatu. Facts won't help him there".

Gold. Pure gold. Thank you. said...

This is so good ! thanks a lot Marc. I've sent the link to many friends.

May I suggest kind of a sequel (or addendum) to this series with another team attending the summit to estimate the total carbon footprint of the conference? I mean, that team will estimate the emissions from all the VIPs traveling in their private jets; from thousands traveling in comercial jets; and thousands arriving in their SUVs and limos; and then from the mountains of reports and communications that will be produced during the summit; and from all the imported food required to feed all those clowns; etc etc. I can guarantee the total will be in the thousands of tonnes of new carbon emissions... and for what ?

A big climate boondoggle, indeed !




Good idea, Norberto. I'll put that into the post conference post-mortem strip - which will be pubished after it closes. Thanks

Craig Mackintosh said...

Genius! Pure genius!!

Great to see Frank back, and amazed you got him cleaned up and back to work so quickly.

You've outdone yourself, yet again.