Sunday, 7 December 2008

New Balls Please

In our ongoing quest to make a bollocks of our entire planet, we have unwittingly de-bollocked the biosphere by pouring as much gender-bending chemistry over everything as our enterprise can muster.
This global castration is a profitable affair and currently has the full support of the UK government.

The new McFly (Manchester Climate Fortnightly) is available for your perusal, here

After 500 years of demonstrating their manifest superiority over the natives, Europeans doing business in South America turn to the wisdom of pre-Columbian societies to dig themselves out of the hole that their superiority has so cleverly dug.

Meat continues to be murder, one way or another.

Every cloud has a silver lining, apparently

Throbgoblins International tried over the weekend to get themselves listed on a comics website, with the object of furthering the old world domination plan - which has gone a bit flat of late. We were ineligible, as it happens, because of the (frankly) embarrassing traffic levels that we :"enjoy". Were we to quadruple our traffic we would qualify. We are getting it ALL wrong. C'est la vie. Fortunately none of us here have the good sense to be disheartened by this state of affairs and will plough on regardless. The sense of futility will no doubt reach critical mass at some point and we shall run colourfully amock at the Trafford Centre with a potato gun.

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