Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Goodbye 2008

This cartoon originally appeared in Nature Reports; Climate Change and remains theirs - (so this is one that can't be reproduced without their permission.)

There's been a lot of the usual end of year ruminations in the press and over the web. It had been my intention to post an exhaustive review of the year myself, but, on reflection, that is probably best left to others

However, I would like to thank all those who have supported the Throbgoblins project over the past year. It's taken up a quite obsessive amount of my life and has on occasion felt like a shocking waste of time - but it has attracted some positive feedback from significant quarters and this tempts me to keep the ball rolling into 2009.

Thanks to
Marc Hudson, Dwight Towers, Sarah Irving, Polyp, Graeme Sherrif, Chris Brazier and all at NI, Rob Harrison and all at ECRA, Andrew Revkin, Artist's Project Earth, Craig Mackintosh, Leslie Berliant and Chris Tobias, Olive Heffernan, Gavin Schmidt, Mel Rimmer, Glen Barry, Cartoon Kate Evans, Chris Webster at Satellite 360, Joe Romm, Dave Hampton, Janet Alty, Niel Bowerman, Adam Corner, Rob Honey, Seppo Leinonen, Neuroskeptic, Robert Zverina, Sam and Chris at Carbusters, Aubrey Meyer, Lucia Ortiz, "Author", Rosamund Raha, Cath and Nathan at Rebel Soul Cafe, Mark Jeanthau, Diana Korchien, David Castle, Adie Nistelrooy, Brian Leslie, Almuth Ernsting, Arwa, Calvin Jones , John Harrison , Ian Angus, Art not Oil, Neale Upstone, Stuart Jeffery, Andy Dunn, Stuart Monckton, Mr Moai, Susan Anderson, Sharon Leavy, Sandra, Chris, Em and, of course, Nye, and anyone I will undoubtedly have missed out due to my increasingly porous memory. The patience of all of you who I bombard with unsolicited e-mails is also greatly appreciated.
Thanks to you all for your support and encouragement


Stuart Jeffery said...

Keep up your excellent work and Happy New Year.



Cheers Stuart, and the same yo yourself.

Craig Mackintosh said...

You're doing a fantastic work Marc - I hope you find a way to keep plugging away. Frank may be cantankerous, but he's doing his bit for the common good, and hopefully beating a bit of sense into some.

All the best to you and yours for 2009.


Thanks Craig. Happy new year to you and yours

susan said...

I'd just like to know, who is the Susan Anderson you thank. I'm a huge fan of yours, regular DotEarth participant, wannabe Cornwall habitant, but too long a commute from Boston. I doubt you would name me here, but ... Please feel free to email me direct!


That would be you, Susan - a brief thanks for keeping throbgoblins in the DotEarth eye. We get precious few visitors and are grateful to you all.

Neuroskeptic said...

I'm honored by the name drop. Throbgoblins is one of the few things online that actually makes me laugh out loud - keep it up!


Thanks. That's very good to hear.