Saturday, 14 April 2007

Remote Control LabRats

I often make the mistake of allowing myself to be drawn into pointless blogospheric pig-wrestling (see Throbgoblins 22/03/07). There are trolls everywhere -snorting narcissists only concerned with the fight itself, never the outcome. It occurs to me that maybe they can't help it. Society has made them this way. They are the hapless, hopeless victims of advertising and over-indulgent parenting - their synapses cauterised by over exposure to lifestyle TV. These poor creatures are left bereft of agency, with only rote-learning and pheremones to guide them.
But why are we not all like that, you ask? If that theory is correct, why are we not knee-deep in rabid, robotic sheep by now? (sic)
I suppose some poor folk just have a genetic predisposition to sticking their heads in the sand and talking through their rectums, which cynical forces in our society take full advantage of. It's tragic, and something should be done.
To this end, on behalf of Throbgoblins International. I have come up with the following rigourously researched, targetted action plan:

Trolls - Ignore them, and they'll go away.

In the meantime, more cartoons.

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