Wednesday, 25 April 2007


An alternative beginning to the diet thang.

It would appear from the google traffic analyser that site traffic has all but dried up. Even from Beijing. It seems everyone who is going to happen upon Throbgoblins has already done so and moved on to higher ground. A terrible silence has descended. I can see tumbleweed drifting eerily across the deserted screen. Vultures flutter in a dead tree. The cartoonist- gasping for water - crawls the last few desperate feet towards a shimmering mirage of a Mr Whippy ice cream van. It melts away. Bolton can be very quiet on a Wednesday.


Chris said...

Still checking you out from Beijing but have to do so via a proxy so you won't see me in your logs. The Chinese government in their infinite wisdom have chosen to block all blogspot sites. I saw one of your cartoons copied on Celsias - see here:
So some of us out here enjoy what you are doing.


Thanks Chris. That's good to know.