Friday, 16 February 2007

Hic hic hiccups

What people find shocking or surprising shocks and surprises me, you will be shocked and surprised to learn. Corruption? Never! Incompetence? No! Viciousness and brutality in high places? I've never heard the like! I can't muster the required gasps of dismay when faced with the ABSOLUTELY BLEEDIN" OBVIOUS anymore. I know it isn't just me. Hmm - are the majority of the population sleepwalking, or are they merely BULLSHITTING? One doesn't like to be too judgemental, (such poor form) but let's ask ourselves the honest question-How many people are really, honestly that stupid? They're taking the piss, aren't they? Surely? Then again, maybe it is me. Maybe celebrity gossip and the privates of great men do actually form the greatest wisdom available to the collective human soul. Yes, that must be it. I'm just bitter, - that's all. Ignore me.

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