Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Bloody Valentine!

If you look up 'romance' in the dictionary, one of the definitions you will find is; "an extravagant, absurd or fantastic account!" How very true. On this day when a hundred thousand trees and a million barrells of oil are sacrificed to the gods of pop-up cards and plastic novelties, I would just like to make a small plea for reason and to cry out whatever the seasonal variant of "HUMBUG" is. Valentine's day :- "show her/him you're an arrested adolescent narcissist with an obsessive fear of abandonment and an inability to see beyond your next shag."
If you REALLY loved me you'd...(pulp that forest, hire that limo', skin those mink, jet me off to Acapulco...!)
Getting old, me!

Remember Blind Date? That's how old this cartoon is.

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