Friday, 9 February 2007

Branson: biting the magic bullet!

Any move away from the jet-setting and self absorbtion
of the "yapping terriers of ignorance" (to borrow
Richard Dawkins' phrase) is to be welcomed.
So another big gesture from
Richard Branson is good news. But Captain Carbon's
call/bribe/plea for a magic techno wand to suck all of
our collective carelessness out of the atmosphere is
emblematic of our cultural refusal to face the actual
facts.- that it is our joint and individual attitudes
and ambitions that must fundamentally shift.
We still seek to hide in some christian-hangover
messianic fantasy that it will all be ok, because
we're all ok, aren't we. It's not us, it's them! How
sweet. How deluded.
Waiting for professor Zarkov or Flash Gordon to rush
in at the last minute with a miracle cure is
irresponsible in the most alarming and infantile way.
We need to examine and restrain ourselves- not chase
science fiction dreams whilst sat in our short-haul
Virgin cocoon. It's time to bite the bullet,
not ask for a magic one.

Here's an unconnected cartoon.

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