Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Travelling man

The UK government - having signed up to the 10:10 campaign - proposes that it's spokesdrones should henceforth travel cattle class en route to their embassies and conferences. Very gratifying.

Where might Ern be going? He could visit Tajikistan, perhaps,

or India.

He could stop off to check out his oil interests in Peru as well.

Elsewhere, Obama OKs a new raft of nuclear plants. Let's hope they build to a higher spec' than Sellafield.
Lest we forget - other power sources are available

British bishops call on the faithful to give up carbon for lent.

Manchester campaigners achieve significant breakthrough through steady and dedicated local campaigning. Nice one.

and finally...
The iPhone has an app to piss off contrarians and to educate the gadget-fixated.

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Anonymous said...

Could Ern's surname be WINTERTON?