Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Frank's Shovel, and Day 8 update

This cartoon was a response to a suggestion by Craig Mackintosh of the Permaculture Institute of Australia - who has been a valued supporter of Frank over the years. Craig points out that what should be on the negotiating table at Copenhagen is:

How to conserve remaining oil supplies and to best use what’s left to speed a transition to a post-fossil fuel society, and to commit to leaving newly discovered oil in the ground
How to invest in re-educating the masses worldwide in sustainable farming practices appropriate for their own climate and soil type
How to invest in re-educating the masses in all the other activities crucial for our existence (like localised clothing manufacturing, passive solar buildings, etc.)
How to shape policies to incentivise a resurgence in small scale polycultures (and how to accommodate the above through a staged and bloodless land redistribution)
How to shift funds from the present subsidising of large profit based corporations into financing small research centres in different microclimates to improve systems in all the subjects above, for the public good
How to carefully stage the above steps so our present vulnerable, globalised system doesn’t experience wholesale collapse during the transition, with its associated famine, disease and war, etc. The emphasis here needs to be on broad spectrum education
How to keep nations working cooperatively to acheive all the above
… etc. etc.

Here is day eight at Copenhagen. Problems with uploading solved by someone pointing me at the right button

A pdf, as ever, and a jpg below.

Thanks to Arwa for this.

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Craig Mackintosh said...

Wow - thanks Marc. Hopefully spending some time in the shit... er... soil will be great therapy for Frank, what with all he's had to worry about and all. And, it might even add a few years to his life, whilst teaching the kids and grandkids how to forge some resilience for themselves.

And yes, considering all the blood sucking corporations that get cut out of the picture here, this is about as subversive an activity one can take on. Definitely something that should grow on Frank. If Frank's influence led his neighbours to do likewise, and so on, and so on, eventually the execs would have to get out and work the ground too. Their ability to eat would become dependent on the work of their own hands, rather than on our work....

I've reposted here: