Monday, 20 October 2008

Frog in a blender

Darling makes comforting noises about bailing out banks and helping ordinary folk and then splashes out on aircraft carriers and nukes, whilst the noises off are all about reneging and falling short and generally bailing out on commitments to emissions cuts.

The frog in a blender reference? If you put a frog in a liquidiser it will still contain all the ingredients of a frog - but it will no longer function as a frog. (Evan Eisenberg - The Ecology of Eden: Humans, Nature and Human Nature)

What with the common seals becoming decidedly uncommon, and the bluefin tuna leaving the stage courtesy of our good selves, it seems the planetary frog is becoming less tangible by the day. Speaking of the inappropriate rendering of amphibeans- here's an old one, Frog in s Saucepan.


michigan loader said...

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I try to add useful links but sometimes I run out of time/energy. I'll keep it in mind