Thursday, 14 February 2008 the forests of the night.

It seems that many proposed remedies for climate change involve destroying existing agrarian societies - where they survive - and replacing them with some variation of globalised capitalism that hinges upon the very same technologies that are causing the problem in the first place. For example - Celebrities, millionaires and western charities are buying up millions of acres of developing world ecosystems, kicking the locals out and installing very profitable carbon trading and tourism regimes instead. This makes sense only if one embraces a neo-colonialist agenda that excludes local "undeveloped" peoples from sustainable decision making. It's the same logic that allows small groups of wealthy industrialists to plunge whole nations into illegitimate debt to western banks in the pursuit of Chicago-school shock economics, thus ensuring perpetual continuation of an export based way of life. Meanwhile, Emissions from International shipping continue to soar at much higher than expected rates,and the Tiger is f*cked!
Dismantling our cheap-imported-goods lifestyle is, of course, not negotiable.

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