Saturday, 12 January 2008

Cantankerous Frank on a daily basis?

This week has seen a new economy car launched to encourage cyclists and moped-ers in the global south to up the carbon ante;a relaunch of the nuclear programme (that strip with-held for now); Sir David King blaming greens for alienating consumers and me noticing that BAE were planning a range of eco-friendly weapons of war (I shit you not). I've been laid off with a bad back all week so I've been practicing the art of the short-form strip, so I'm on decent form for my new "Ethical Consumer" gig. If there's anybody out there, some feedback would be apreciated.


Chris said...

Well, I for one am loving Cantankerous Frank and am glad to see you back after your extended break.


Cheers, Chris. It's nice to know.

Melanie Rimmer said...

Love it. The jokes are getting funnier but you're still squeezing plenty of politics into the shorter strips. I'm in awe of your output. Is Marc R allowed weekends off, or is he kept permanently chained to a drawing-board?