Friday, 30 January 2009

Selective Seratonin

A Greenpeace report implicates our obsession with beef - which pumps out 57 times more GHG emissions than would a similar obsession with potatoes - in up to 80% of deforestation.

Researchers believe that a build up of seratonin is at the root of the destructive swarming behaviour of locusts.

We at Throbgoblins International think studies should be funded into the effects of dangerous build ups of beef on the destructive swarming behaviour of humans. It might prove illuminating.

Thanks to Susan Anderson for the nod


susan said...

I agree that the beef issues are important and locusts a kind of climate Britney Spears, sexy and only relevant to our real needs in providing a metaphor for human gangsterism which is likely to take the planet down with it.

btw, as a non-Brit, is the blonde an amalgam indicating some of the characteristics of your (not so) new London mayor?

(tried earlier and not sure if I got through, if so, I prefer this one given a choice)



Ern is an amalgam of many people but I've never thought of him as containing much Boris Johnson. Boris is a cartoon in his own right - from an earlier age. You couldn't make him up.

susan said...

sheesh, silly me. Didn't have the impression that BJ was so anti-climate, glad to clear that up. US doesn't provide much world coverage outside narrow boundaries (cute animals, Iraq, top current news) but our New Yorker (which is superb, if you ever wish to check in with some people who think straight and write well, it's online) did some coverage. Typical of our publicity-addicted culture for me to just notice the hair!


Not silly you, silly Boris. There isn't much to him once you've got past the hair. Boris is a peculiarly British creature - a privately educated, upper class quasi-buffoon straight out of a Dickens novel as played by Peter Sellars. A good old fashioned "blithering idiot". Boris trades very successfully on the aw -shucks, cuddly harmlessness of this image in much the same way that Dubya did, and is similarly beholden to narrow party and business interests. Boris will go anti airport if his affluent constituents live under the new flightpaths, but he is a creature of contingency, not conviction. It is interesting to watch the mainstream UK press handle Boris - portraying him as a loveable uncle who sometimes makes a fool of himself - whilst they cast his predecessor as some sort of evil, moustache-twirling, Trotskyite puppy strangler.