Monday, 19 January 2009

A Many Splendoured Thing

Obama's plans to relaunch the US and thus the world economy on a green and sustainable footing are ambitious and long overdue - after 8 years of swaggering, blue-blooded halfwittery. We at Throbgoblins International send our best wishes along in the hope that impossible expectations will be at least seriously addressed.

Sometimes it seems that it is the lot of the project of the left (in whichever or all of its historical forms) to simply bang its head against the walls of the house of power, which it can never enter without abandoning its virtue.
But times change. We'll see.

A Fond Farewell to Tony Hart.


susan said...

Let your heart open today. It's OK, he's really real.

Best to you.


He certainly sounds the part, and seems to be a very unusual and "righteous" man with the power to move people. I feel less cynical than I sound about Obama, (I loved his inaugural speech) but am erring on the side of caution

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