Thursday, 29 January 2009

Boffin a Bathtub (again)

This a comic from 2007 (put together with Marc Hudson) which bears re- posting today in response to Andy Revkin's piece (echoed by Joe Romm) about MIT's John Sterman and his "Bathtub Effect" - which we heartily recommend.
I apologise for the clunky back and forthness of the page opening. The new website will sort this out. It is imminent(ish)

Elsewhere - The uber wealthy of Dubai are swimming in shit (which pushes our shaudenfreude button quite nicely) ...and purveyors of alternate economic realities enjoy a bit of a crow in Davos.

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susan said...

Great stuff, puts Romm-Revkin in perspective. Ain't that shit something! Thought you might enjoy this re locusts and gang behavior (a little like humans, I suppose)
"Indeed, the scientists found that tickling the insects' back legs for a couple hours could induce the locusts to make more serotonin."
(the article probably appeared in multiple sources)