Saturday, 21 August 2010


I imagine that there must come a time when one must evaluate one's rationality and even sanity in continuing to spend inordinate amounts of time in a pursuit that is so clearly of interest to only a very very few people scattered extremely thinly across an entire planet. If the goal one wishes to achieve could be more productively accomplished - in terms of numbers at least - by shouting in an empty street or scrawling on a toilet wall, one must question the point of carrying on. Poor old Frank. Such a shocking waste of time. Such a pointless, pointless exercise. Ho hum. Never mind
I'm not one to give up on a lost cause though. There are so many bad old habits seductively beckoning me back home that I've gotta stick with it now, even though it is plainly insane to do so.
For those few who enjoy Frank, I thank you for your support and hope that future postings may continue to amuse. But you should realise that statistically speaking you are in such a small minority that you constitute a negligible error and can be safely discounted from consideration by all discerning comic strip enthusiasts. The evidence is in, the numbers have been checked and re-checked and I'm afraid that Frank is - officially - rubbish.

Still... fuck 'em, eh?


Adas said...

I wouldn't call myself a "comic strip enthusiast" but I enjoy your site immensely and check it almost everyday. I am very interested in and concerned about climate change and find that humour is a great way to cope with this issue and the strange fact that so few other people around me seem to be engaged with it.
So perhaps there are others like me out there who look forward to your work....

Jacqueline said...

I also check this most days. I like the artwork and the thought that sharpens the humour. Enjoy your work very much.

As Sir Thomas Wyatt says:
'But well to say and so to mean, That sweet accord is seldom seen'.

As you said: fuck 'em.

The Mushy Pea said...

I disagree! Your strips are great!!!! One day they will have a plinth in your honour in New Brighton..... (once the old one is flooded)..