Saturday, 17 January 2009

Ursine Defecatory Patterns

Ah - boffin humour.
I don't wish to put all the onus on scientists here, but in an age of profound stupidity they are the ones whose answers stand between us and biblical catastrophe. The UK government appears to have misunderstood the climate science on aviation emissions, misreading it as a license to dish out backhanders left , right and centre. George Bush and his entire administration totally failed to get a grip on any of the science that came their way in eight years, and we have the evidence of that faith based idiocy all around us.
Climate science is complicated stuff. it's not weather. It requires that people actually focus their entire attention throughout a series of complex, multi-clausal sentences. The challenge of science is to get the bewildering intricacy of complex systems into a 5 second sound bite that can be jammed into the most resistant skulls at the end of long pole whilst the rest of the head chugs slushies and watches porn. Maybe the new Obama administration can spin one..

Thanks to Marc Hudson, Matt Bright and Cassidy Irving.

Good link in DarkOptimism's comment below


DarkOptimism said...

On that note, hard to resist mentioning the Climate Science Translation Guide that can be read on my website here:

Among other things it finally clears up that troublesome question of what CO2e actually means, and Gavin Schmidt of RealClimate/NASA was kind enough to check it over for accuracy.


Thanks for that link. Very useful.

DarkOptimism said...

My pleasure. And since I'm here I might as well confess to having recently used a couple of your cartoons on my site (e.g., and not having got around to emailing you about it as you request. Sorry!

I have included the details of your site and name and made the cartoons themselves links too. I hope that suits. Just let me know if you'd like anything changed.

All the best,


Cheers Shaun. That'll do nicely. Nice post at the link - we do indeed become what we worship, it seems. Which, I suppose, means that we can change.

DarkOptimism said...

I believe so. Doesn't mean we will of course, but I can't find anything more inspiring to work towards!

Congratulations on your brilliant contributions to the effort.

susan said...

Yup, checked out Dark Optimism, good stuff.