Friday, 20 June 2008

We are such sensitive souls

Below is a cut and paste link to an excellent article by Johann Hari

Meanwhile- China's neaveau riche are perplexed at the high price of filling up their new cars, American farmers are angry that their grain fed, BSE riddled cattle are not welcome once they've travelled half way 'round the world to South Korea, Israel practices bombing runs for Gearge's farewell bash and the Big Oil Giants return to Iraq after 35 years lusting on the sidelines.!Q7ELQ3AQ23pVQ3AQ3AZPQ7EP77fQ7E7GQ7EP7Q7EQ3AhQ3BQ7CQ3BQ3AQ7CQ7EP7M2Q7CpDQ7CQ7BMZQ26v,tuQ7C,Q20(y28Q5C,Cnu!v

But on the other hand - Good news for a future on two wheels as history's third-best-ever invention gets some much needed support

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