Saturday, 30 June 2007

Access all areas?

It's all about access, isn't it: access to power, access to money, access to clean water and elected representatives, access to hard drugs and cable TV. Even as I sit here I am accessing the international coffee trade and all the many and varied interwoven components of the global hot buttered toast market. In my attempts to access a global audience I have accessed the internet after accessing cheap credit and out-of-town shopping facilities. This has not been as successful, tasteful or productive as the toast excercise, but it is a truism of modern business that 4 out of 5 global conspiracies fail within their first year of trading. International competition - it's a bugger! Pre-industrial conspiracies were more of a local affair and more straightforward to set up - 5 blokes in a field in Tolpuddle and you've got yourself a collectivist steamroller (or 5 dead blokes in a field). These days you need access and for that you need.......well, if I knew that...!

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